About Us

Hello friends,

Spine and Joint Physiotherapy Clinic is ideally placed to provide physiotherapy service to the geriatric population in salt lake and office going population in sector 5 and Newtown.

 Whether you have a short or long term injury, suffering from pain related to long hours of sitting in the office, training for event like marathon or simply want to develop a suitable exercise program, come and see us.
 We see physiotherapy not simply as treatment to reduce pain,but through education and exercise as a mean of injury prevention in the future.
Our physio’s utilize joint mobilization/manipulation, advances physiotherapy/pain relieving equipment’s, soft tissue techniques, dry needling, home stretches and exercise to alleviate pain and and restore range of motion of the joints.
We then work to rebuild and retrain your body with strengthening, conditioning,postural change training as appropriate.
looking forwards to serve our fullest ability.
Consultant Physiotherapist
Dr Abhijit Nath
BPT(Manipal), MPT(Chennai),
MIAP. Reg no L-38948.